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To be, to need, to act
Social identification, personal needs and organizational citizenship behavior in universities.

This study was carried out to get a better understanding of the relationships between social identification, personal needs and organizational citizenship behavior. Socal identification is about the perception of oneness with or belonginess to a group. Identification with the workgroup, with the ogranization and with the occupational group were used as variables.Personal needs are about human desires. McClellands' needs for achievement and need for affiliation were used. Organizational citizenship behavior is about particular behavior. towards the work group, loyalty towards the organization and individual initiative towards students were used. For this study the key aspects of these variables were described, together with accompanying theories. Moreover, hypotheses about correlation were formulated. To obtain empirical evidence paper and electronic questionnaires were distributed among teachers at Dutch universities to collect cross-sectional data. This resulted in 122 participants. Explorative factor analysis and partial correlation analyses were carried out. Social identification was related to OCB in universities, but only to the extent that idenfication with the organization was associated with organizational loyalty. Personal needs were related to OCB in universities, but only to the extent that the need for achievement was associated with individual initiative towards students. Other relationships were not statistical significant or could not explain 10 percent of the shared variance or more.

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