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Dualiteit tussen beheersing en commitment als managementopgave
Auteur: Rick van Dijk (
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Management Summary

Managers demand maximum commitment of their employees in order to realize organizational aims. Simultaneously they want maximum control to reduce risks. This combination causes a daily returning feeling of duality by managers. They wonder daily, how they can deal with this duality. In this report it has been investigated whether People Management Practices can solve the duality between control and commitment. The results of a single case study indicate that the practices do not solve this duality. Because of this outcome the managers have no other choice, than to take full responsibility to deal with this duality, until there has been found a proper solution. The managers must make it their top priority to create a dynamic balance between commitment and control. Manager should not choose between commitment and control anymore, but they should practice both perspectives at the same time. If the managers in the investigated organization maintain using only the control perspective, there is a big chance that the Business Process Redesign will fail. To prevent this scenario the management should spend a lot of attention to the commitment perspective. This is possible by determining management rewards partly on the outcome of a semi-annual commitment questionnaire, to make the socialisation process explicit and to create a collective frame of reference. Future investigation on this duality may be accelerated when the element of miscommunication is involved in this matter. For the time being the first move in fighting this duality has to be made by the managers.

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