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Age and Identity in the EU
"The changing identity of current generations"

The Changing identity of current generations
The speed of changes in contemporary society has accelerated dramatically during the last few decades. It is not infrequent that job one applies for after graduation did not even exist at the time of starting one’s university studies. Our life has been interwoven by the phenomenon that institutions and values that had been relevant to a previous generation became irrelevant to the next one. One of the consequences of the high speed of recent changes is that current generations have been pursuing significantly divergent goals and have a perceptively different life.

Aims of the project
The assignment aims at describing the nature of changes on the scale of values and at providing approaches to the understanding of the causes and consequences of identity changes in contemporary societies.

Our interpretation of the assignment
In the next few paragraphs you can read our interpretation of the assignment and why we have chosen to work on our assignment in this manner. We have decided to research the changing identity of current generations, and in our conclusion create some understanding on how to deal with these.

In our fast moving society, nothing stays the same for very long. This can be seen as development in many ways, but can also be of great hindrance, as the way one may have dealt with things for many years may no longer be the right way. This will certainly be true for the older generations, who have grown accustomed to their habits, and especially for nowadays, with an ever more globalising society. Our aim with this report is to give an insight between the differences in identities of different generations of varying cultural backgrounds, and conclude by giving an insight into How to deal with, and understand, the values of younger generations of diverging cultural backgrounds.

To explain our decisions we made a plan of action. We have focused on a few elements, a couple of them you can read underneath, namely: backgrounds, objective and formulation of the assignment. In the next few paragraphs you can read the explanation per subject.

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